Neuropsychological Testing & Assessment

Why Would Someone Need Such a Comprehensive Neuropsychological Assessment?

When someone – usually a school age child, adolescent or a college/graduate student – is experiencing a pattern of difficulty in one or more areas of their school functioning. I can help develop a deeper understanding, which can lead to more targeted, and therefore more successful, interventions.

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Common Patterns of Difficulty Might Be:

• Problems paying attention in classes

• Difficulty following through and completing assignments

• Struggling to get reading done because it takes too long

• Reading, but not understanding what was read

• Getting frustrated trying to finish tests on time

• Disparity between honors-level grades in school and low scores on standardized tests

• Declining grades in school

• Experiencing anxiety and/or depression related to school-related performance

• Taking too long to organize and write papers

• Distracting and impulsive behaviors interfering with school and social success