Evaluation and Consultation for ADHD, Dyslexia, and other types of Specific Learning Disability

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Find out what is really going on and learn how to address it.

Too often, students are blamed for not trying hard enough when in fact, they are already working as hard as they can…to accommodate for a specific learning difficulty.

A comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation (often called “neuropsych testing”) can help to evaluate an individual’s current level of overall functioning, and then isolate certain problem areas that might be interfering with their ability to be more successful.

A school-based evaluation often only describe the degree of difficulty a student is having. I can help you understand the WHY. And then make targeted recommendations for how to better support learning and life skills.

Deeply understanding WHY a student is struggling is the first important step–one that is often missing–in helping them thrive in school and in life.


Why would someone need such a comprehensive neuropsychological assessment?

When someone – usually a school age child, adolescent or a college/graduate student – is experiencing a pattern of difficulty in one or more areas of their school functioning.  I can help develop a deeper understanding, which can lead to more targeted, and therefore more successful, interventions. Whether you are looking for a consultation to review past testing and learn whether there is more that can be done or you are already looking for an evaluation, I’m booking with minimal wait times.Common patterns of difficulty might be:

  1. Problems paying attention in classes
  2. Difficulty following through and completing assignments
  3. Struggling to get reading done because it takes too long
  4. Reading, but not understanding what was read
  5. Getting frustrated trying to finish tests on time
  6. Taking too long to organize and write papers
  7. Declining grades in school
  8. Distracting and impulsive behaviors interfering with school and social success
  9. Experiencing anxiety and/or depression related to school-related performance
  10. Disparity between honors-level grades in school and low scores on standardized tests

Dr. Jane Greenstein is a licensed psychologist who has been working in and with schools for over 20 years. She has extensive experience with school-age children and adolescents and has expertise in diagnostic assessment, behavioral interventions, child development, and special education systems in schools. Prior to private practice, she managed the Psychological Assessment Program of Wediko Children’s Services. She also is a parent of two young adults. 

Dr. Greenstein is a graduate of Princeton University and earned her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Virginia. 

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“Having my son complete an evaluation with Dr. Greenstein was the best thing we have done – and worth every penny. We now understand where his strengths and weakness areas are, and know exactly where to focus our efforts to help him be more successful in school and  happy in life. “

– Parent of College Freshman

“Dr. Jane was extraordinary in helping us understand our daughter’s unique brain functioning. She was warm and funny with our young daughter, and clear and compassionate with us. She provided appropriate language to use when communicating with the schools. Most importantly, she clarified the special gifts that our daughter brings to our lives!”

– Parent of 5th Grader